One of our missions is to promote local solutions for a zero waste transition and organise networking among zero waste entrepreneurs. As a company you can become a sponsor and join our network.



If you become a sponsor, the association will: 


  • Promote your company on our website and through social media
  • Invite you to networking and public events


Requirements for becoming a partner: 

  • The main focus of your business must match at least one of the 3 R’s:  
    • Reduce (packaging, resources, consumption)
    • Reuse
    • Recycle (in the sense of upcycling: a higher quality product is created)
  • Your business must be accessible in the Stockholm region, and have at least one employee based in Sweden. 

Your commitments

Your commitments as a sponsor:


  • The sponsorship fee is annual and is valid for one year.
  • Provide at least one of the following discounts for our members:
    • Discovery discount (available only one time to encourage our members to try your services. E.g.: 10% off on the first order)
    • Discount if the member’s order reaches a certain amount (E.g.: 10% off if more than 500 SEK spent)
  • Communicate about the sponsorship with us on social media

Do you want more information?

Fill in the form and we will contact you by email to set up a presentation of our sponsorship package.