We are lifelong

We are lifelong is an online plastic-free store which sells powdered personal care products and was founded by Adam and Anastasia in 2020.


As a Zero Waste Stockholm member you get the following discounts:

  • 10% on all the orders.
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Adam, co-founder of Lifelong, is from Great Britain and has been living in Stockholm for five years. He has a background in digital business and was working in a company with sales and distribution, but he felt that he wanted to contribute in reducing plastic waste in the society. Adam and Anastasia decided therefore to launch Lifelong, with the vision of a plastic-free lifestyle as well as long-lasting products.

“It does not feel like I’m working, instead it feels like I’m trying to help”, Adam

How does Lifelong work?


You order products on the website. The products do not contain water, instead they are in powder form and are 99,6% natural.


In addition they are packaged in compostable cellulose-made packaging. Being light, the products fit in an ordinary envelope and therefore you will receive them directly in your mailbox. At home, you mix the powder with water in a jar in order to create the final product.


In order to make it as convenient for you as possible, Lifelong offers a subscription model: in addition to a 10% discount compared to one-off purchases, you can subscribe to products and choose what, when and where to have your products shipped.


Lifelong launched recently with the following products: shampoo refills for different hair types, hand wash refills with various scents, body wash refills with various scents as well as glass jars.


Adam and Anastasia plan to expand the product range with a dental care kit with toothpaste and toothbrush (with a removable head that can be recycled) as well as house cleaning products.


At present many of Lifelong’s customers are environmentally aware women, but the products are actually intended for anyone. With Lifelong, Adam and Anastasia want to prevent unnecessary water transportation as well as reduce transport emissions, at the same time as to allow customers to reuse their personal care dispensers for a long time. Adam and Anastasia plan to start a tree-planting system and are currently looking for the perfect partner to work with.


Adam is very committed to his work but most of all to his two children. In his spare time Adam likes to relax by doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu.