Unwrapped is a packaging-free online store that was founded by Sarah from Australia and Hanna from Sweden in 2019.


As a Zero Waste Stockholm member you get the following discounts:


  • 10% on the first purchase
  • afterwards, 5% on purchases over 499 sek

Sarah and Hanna were previously working together with marketing in an e-commerce company in Stockholm, but both were feeling unsatisfied. Having always been two environmentally aware people, they noticed at the same time that it was difficult to shop without generating large amounts of waste. They wanted to act and do something else and the idea to self-found and open a zero waste shop became reality. Since the two of them recently became mothers, their choice fell on an online shop which allows them more flexibility with their private life.

We wanted to do something more meaningful, something to make our kids proud”, Sarah

“It should not be a privilege to shop zero waste”, Sarah

How does Unwrapped work?


You order products on the website. The products are packed in reusable containers such as glass jars and cloth bags which you pay a deposit of 5 sek for. The order is either sent to you or left at your door, or you can choose to pick it up at the warehouse on Linnégatan 89 C, Stockholm. You return the reusable containers at the same time as you get your next delivery.

In 2019 Sarah and Hanna launched Unwrapped with approximately 30 products. Since then the range of products has been evolving to almost 100 products and they are working hard to find new products. You can find mainly non-packaged food products, which are mostly organic and/or products from Sweden, such as rice and groats, pasta, beans, spices, sweets and snacks, flakes and muesli. In addition you can also buy non-food products such as hair and body care products and glass jars.


In the beginning many of Unwrapped’s customers were internationals living in Stockholm, but inch by inch more and more Swedish locals have shown their interests in buying zero waste. The goal with Unwrapped is to allow anyone to consume without generating waste, therefore Sarah and Hanna are working hard to propose affordable products. Another goal with Unwrapped is also to inspire and help people in their transition towards zero waste, that is why Sarah and Hanna have a blog where they share recipes, advice about the zero waste life-style and environmental information about packaging and recycling.

It is so much more satisfying to work with something you are passionate about”, Sarah

Sarah and Hanna are both members of Zero Waste Stockholm and they are looking forward to this collaboration in order to support each other. Right now Sarah and Hanna feel satisfied in their professional lives. Having their own online shop can be stressful and takes a lot of time, but it is at the same time very rewarding and they have learnt a lot. In their spare time Sarah enjoys being out in nature and Hanna enjoys running.