Hushållet is Stockholm’s first packaging-free “zero waste” grocery store and is located in Bagarmossen, Lagaplan 5.


As a Zero Waste Stockholm member you get the following discounts: 

  • 10% off on the first purchase 
  • 5% off for all following purchases over 500 SEK

The founder of Hushållet, Ingrid, was an IT consultant in the financial market. Over time and in reaction to the climate crisis she felt the need to do something important.


She has always been concerned by the issue of plastic, while also interested in organic food. For these reasons Ingrid decided to act by opening up a zero waste shop.


How does it work?


At Hushållet you only pay for the raw materials. Therefore the idea is that you bring your own containers that you fill with the different products, which are available from hygienic containers.

If you don't have any containers with you there are small FSC-certified paper bags or glass jars to buy. 


At Hushållet, you can find a wide range of non-packaged foods, organic foods and even non-food products such as hygienic goods, household goods, clothing and personal care items.


The range of products on sale is constantly evolving and some of the products that you can buy among other things are beans and lentils, tea, muesli and cereals, nuts, seeds and dried fruit, oil and vinegar, pasta, rice and groats, spices, washable cloth masks, beeswax cloths and candles and wooden toothbrushes.

Not throwing away anything is better for the environment than recycling waste, so packaging-free is very important”, Ingrid

Many of Hushållet’s customers are European expats from Germany, France and other countries in Europe. who were used to finding zero waste shops in their country and are now traveling across the city to shop at her store. Now her main challenge is to be more visible in the market and Ingrid wants to attract more Swedish locals to her store. One of her main goals is to raise awareness among Stockholmers and encourage them to rethink the way they consume. At the same time she recognizes that buying zero waste is a new way of thinking which takes time to change. Therefore, she points out the necessity of informing people about these issues and acknowledging that this is actually one of the biggest investments for ourselves and our future. Ingrid is very enthusiastic about the collaboration with Zero Waste Stockholm and she wishes that similar zero waste stores like Hushållet will emerge across Stockholm in the future.

Ingrid manages everything by herself at Hushållet, from the social media to product research that she finds on the internet and through collaboration with other local entrepreneurs. Ingrid consumes the products from her own shop, is a vegetarian and her biggest hobby is horse riding.

I wanted to do something important”, Ingrid