Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start to reduce my waste?

Waste has a lot of different sources. You can start by having a look at our list of 31 tips to reduce waste. We also organize regular events where we share tips to reduce waste.

Where can I buy packaging free products in Stockholm?

Hushållet is the first physical zero waste shop in Stockholm and Unwrapped is the first plastic-free online store in Stockholm, where you can get your order in reusable containers managed through a deposit system. In both of these shops you can find a wide range of organic food and other products such as hygiene products and personal care items.


Lifelong is an online plastic-free store which sells powdered personal care products.


You can get discounts in these shops if you become a member of the association. 

You can find more zero waste-friendly stores and businesses in our Stockholm city guide.

Where can I ask questions about Zero Waste topics?

We recently created a Facebook group to answer questions about the Zero Waste lifestyle in Stockholm. Feel free to join it to ask your questions and connect with our community!

How can I support Zero Waste Stockholm?

You can support us by giving of your time and becoming a volunteer of the association.


You can also support us by becoming a member of the association. As a member you get discounts at our partners shops and can participate in the annual meeting of the association. Memberships help us fund our projects and stay independent as an association.


We also welcome donations to fund our projects. 


Finally, you can always help us by sharing our posts, articles and events on social media.

Is the Zero Waste movement against recycling?

The European waste hierarchy pyramid presents the different actions to manage waste from the most sustainable one to the least sustainable one. Even if recycling is better than energy recovery and disposal, it has a lot of limits. Waste prevention and reusable systems must be the priority and we are working to promote and develop them. We are writing about the limits of recycling in order to make our audience aware of them and convinced of the necessity of the development of waste prevention and preparing for reuse.

Waste Hierarchy V1

Who is responsible for waste collection in Stockholm?

Stockholm Vatten och Avfall is responsible for household waste and other waste such as electrical, bulky and hazardous waste. 

The collection of packaging and newspapers is the responsibility of the producer. The producers have formed a joint organization called Förpacknings- och tidningsinsamlingen AB (FTI).