Zero Waste in Stockholm - City Guide

Are you an environmentally-conscious person new to Stockholm? Or you simply would like to discover more zero waste friendly businesses in our city? Then here is the perfect list for you: a list of places, activities and products that we like and recommend! Did we miss something? Help us keeping this guide up-to-date and share your favourite places and businesses to purchase (or borrow) zero waste-friendly items in Stockholm.

📋 Index

🍶 Reusable products

Hushallet - First zero waste shop in Stockholm

Assortment of food in bulk, cosmetics, cleaning products and others


ReMade - Online shop selling handmade products replacing many conventional ones. The selection is big, ranging from fruit bags, to toys,  to hygiene products. 


Iris Hantverk - Wide range of handmade products, usually plastic free and ZW friendly


Granit - Many plastic free and zero waste appliances for home


Refo - Handmade ZW products such as beeswax wraps, bags, jewelry and others from recycled materials


Retuna - First mall with only recycled, reused items


Repamera - Clothes repairing service


EcoSthlm - Sortiment of toys, hygienic product and household appliances, wide range of product for children and adults


Lapland Eco Store - Many plastic free and zero waste friendly products but also clothes, hygienic products and other


Jordklok - Webshop with ZW items and other products

Bokashi - Composter for households

🍴 Kitchen

Cotton bags - Instead of plastic ones for fruits and veggies, available in Iris Hantverk, Jordklok and larger ones are available in Åhléns and other sustainability-friendly stores


Silicon roll - Instead of single-use baking paper

Cleaning products - In Hushållet such as washing detergent, dishwashing liquid, sponges

Beeswax wrap - Instead of a plastic cling foil in Hushållet, Reko and most environmentally conscious shops

🍒 Food waste minimising apps

Olioex - Food and things sharing between people


Too Good To Go - Leftover surprise food boxes from restaurants/shops to fight food waste

Karma - Selected food for half the price because it is near expiration date

🍲 Food and drinks

Unwrapped - Online food shop without packaging:


Hushållet - Variety of bulk food items such as rice, beans, flour etc.


Ekolådan - Organic food delivery service with low plastic wrapping:


Reko Stockholm - Network on facebook with multiple locations


Matsmart - Food that has short expiry


Rescued - Juices made out of rescued fruits

Wijnjas Grosshandel - Ecologically certified cheese and other items

🍴 Cooking

Food Revolution


Mammaeatsplants - Zero waste, vegan cooking


Plantd - Zero waste, vegan cooking





🍽 Restaurants

Sopköket - Restaurant using leftover food from their partners to create new meals 


Restaurang labbet - Seasonal, food waste preventing restaurant


Växthuset - Seasonal, local, plant-based restaurant 


ReTaste - Seasonal, local restaurant


Dirty Vegan - Virtually zero waste vegan fast food restaurant


K-märkt - Tries to fight food waste


Also check our BYO map with places that accept your container

💦 Hygiene

Malin i Ratan - Webshop but some shops are re-selling their products if you prefer buy in-shop, check out their locations here


Opella - Reusable containers for homemade products + ingredients for cosmetics


Iris Hantverk - Items made out of sustainable material like brushes, dish soaps and much more 


Tvål Butiken - Soap shop in Lidingö

Lifelong - Hygiene products packaged in a cellulose-based, compostable packaging


Baron - Hygiene and cleaning products in solid soap bars

🎈 Female hygiene products

Menstrual Cups - Available in most pharmacy stores, here some popular brands:


Menskopp made in Sweden


Lunette made in Finland


Mooncup made in the UK

Organicup made in China


Yuuki cup made in Czechia


Menstrual Pads - Only available in a few selected stores


Imse Vimse - Cloth product for beauty, period and babies


Hushallet - Selection of sanitary products for period


SheThinx - Period proof underwear

👕 Second-hand clothing and other things

Check out our clothes swaps in upcoming events!

For clothes swaps happening in Stockholm, search on social media either for “clothes swap” or “klädbyt”.

🏬 Physical second-hand stores

Stadsmission + Their own clothing brand Remake made with existing clothes




Emmaus Stockholm


Beyond Retro


Lindra - Located in Nacka and Skarpnäck


59 Vintage Store


Bye Buy - Second hand dedicated to kids


Humana Second Hand




Filippa K second-hand



I recycle - Repaired bicycles to buy

🌐 Online second-hand stores

💍 Clothes and jewellery rental

Something Borrowed - Clothes subscription


Routine - Subscription of designer clothes


Klädoteket - Clothes library = rental of single pieces of clothing.


Hyber - Rental of clothes for kids


Rent a plagg - Gear rental


Snowbox - Jewelry and accessories rental

🎿 Sharing of other things

Grann Saker - Borrowing tools 

Hygglo - Rental of various items

Time Village - Skill sharing

Freecycle - Thing sharing

Go more - car sharing

👟 Fair trade and eco clothing and shoes

📦 Furniture and decoration

Greenfc - Sustainable furniture manufacturer


Soeco - Upcycled office furniture


Recreate Design Company - Upcycling furniture


Rekomo - Second-hand design furniture for individuals and offices

📖 Books

Campus Bokhandeln - Buy and sell used books for schools and universities


Bokborsen - Used books, records and films


Also, yay for libraries! They are free and let you read as many books as you like: Stockholm Stadsbiblioteket and other local libraries in different municipalities

🌵 Plants

Join our plants swaps, check our upcoming events!

Facebook group for plant swapping in Stockholm