Bring Your Own

Our Zero Waste Stockholm group was disheartened at the amount of waste produced when eating around town. By allowing and encouraging customers to bring their own food containers, drinking vessels, and silverware, we strive to reduce single-use packaging to help protect our planet.

Bring Your Own

BYO Sticker Initiative

When a shop displays our blue sticker on their storefront, customers know they can bring their own containers for take away. The aim of the “Bring Your Own” Sticker Initiative is to increase visibility for consumers hoping to eat out without producing waste. This initiative also assists shop owners and restaurants by providing guidelines, encouragement, as well as customer outreach for those looking to reduce their waste production.


Interested in helping our team recruit more shops?
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Bring Your Own

Benefits of joining Bring Your Own :

  • Your business will be added to our searchable map of BYO partners


  • We’ll mention your shop in posts on FB and Instagram, reaching at least 3,000 followers


  • The blue BYO sticker displayed on your storefront shows clients you care about sustainability


  • If you tag us in your posts using #BYOstockholm or @Zerowastestockholm, we’ll share it on our social media pages which allows for even more (free!) customer reach


  • You’ll reduce your costs due to single-use containers, as well as help reduce your ecological footprint


  • Finally, you’ll attract new environmentally-aware customers! It’s FREE and easy to register via our form down below.

Register to the BYO initiative

After filling in the form, we will process the information within a few days. Eventually we might contact you if any information provided is invalid or incomplete.