Our projects

Discover the projects that we – volunteers at Zero Waste Stockholm – are currently running.


Bring Your Own (BYO)

We are working to enable access to package-free, local and organic food. We have launched a project to list the places in Stockholm where customers are allowed to bring their own container to get bulk food and takeaways. We are now recruiting ambassadors, volunteers to act as ambassadors for the BYO movement on to their local food stores and restaurants. The goal is to fill up the map and spread the word that purchasing your favorite food unpackaged isn’t an issue. Find all the participating shops and restaurants on the map below!



We organise our workshops on different topics to help individuals reduce the waste they produce in their everyday life. During the past year, we have organized several sessions of “Zero Waste Tips for Beginners” as well as workshops on clothes mending and DIY makeup. Check out next events!







We want to provide a meeting place for the local zero waste community to grow and develop. We do this by hosting monthly meetups where people can share knowledge and experiences around their waste reduction journeys.









We collaborate with other organizations who share our goals. We are part of the White Monday-campaign, where companies and NGO's together take a stand against and provide alternatives to the overconsumption promoted by Black Friday sales. Together with Symbios, the student association of Stockholm university focused on environmental and sustainability issues, we have previously organized two conferences, one with Bea Johnson, a founder of the zero waste movement, and another with Ingrid Strid (researcher on food waste) and Linda Åkerberg (adventurer, zero waste influencer). We also contribute to the IVL Research project on re-usable packaging for take-away food and drinks.

Keynotes Presentations

We are also eager to share the Zero Waste Philosophy with many and can present on the topic at your event. You are welcome to contact us to discuss potential speaking partnerships.









And more...

At Zero Waste Stockholm, anyone's idea can be turned into a project. Let’s share your grand idea with us at 0wastestockholm@gmail.com