About Zero Waste Stockholm

We are an association 100% driven by volunteers. Our mission is to inspire Stockholmers to reduce their ecological footprint and the amount of waste they generate. We see waste awareness as a first step on the sustainability journey.


Who we are

Zero Waste Stockholm is 100% driven by volunteers. Ten board members with different backgrounds are leading the work of the association. Board members are elected for one to two years at the general assembly. From a dozen persons, we grew to a group of 50 active volunteers that lead and contribute to various working groups. 


Our values

Our vision of a sustainable lifestyle is based on #equality and #sobriety. By focusing on avoiding, reducing and re-using, zero waste promotes lifestyles with lower material and energy consumption levels. That's sobriety. Zero Waste is also a way to minimizes the reliance on “currently-failing” recycling and resource extraction practices, and promotes local and fair solutions for waste management. That's equality.


Media kit

You are a journalist, a blogger, and you want to publish about Zero Waste Stockholm? Well, our media kit is not yet ready, but feel free to drop us a line at 0wastestockholm@gmail.com